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Without Even Trying

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For both Beginners
and Experienced Meditators

Feedback from Participants

This course has had a profound effect on my life….There is no underlying tension's gentle , unassuming and warm . Every time I listen I feel a sense of warmth and love….these 5 meditations really work.

~ J.B.

The most useful advice, for me, was to turn the 'letting go 'of usual meditation procedures into a 'letting be'…. Thanks to you, I discovered (after more than fifty years of meditation experiments) that 'welcoming' ideas, emotions, efforts while they enter one's consciousness allows a growing tranquility of the mind.

~ A.B.

I loved the ‘can I go deeper’ ‘can I let go some more’ bit and the 'feeling into what’s there' bit....I think you’ve pinned it all down to a nut shell quite beautifully.

~ J.M.

Before this, I've tried different schools of meditation. Somehow, somewhere inside me I did not feel that they were "right", at least not for me….When I read what you said, "present moment", "in the moment", "as it is", "no effort", "not wanting anything in particular to happen, not trying to change anything, not trying to make anything happen, not trying to get anywhere, nothing we are trying to stop happening, no judgment..." there were this "Aha!" moments!

~ H.L.

Your course has been an amazing re-start for my meditation. The simplicity has really got me going. I have become much more quieter and peaceful and never want to skip meditation even by a day.

~ K.D.

I feel blessed to have come across & taken up your meditation course. It has been an uplifting & enlightening experience.

~ H.L.

Your Course has helped me to understand more, and to get more of a "sense" and feel of meditating than anything else ever has in my long efforts.

~ S.S.T.

I am experiencing deeper meditations with a greater sense of letting go…. I found your explanations clear and concise and free from metaphysical jargon like some other sources I have come across….In particular you have helped clarify more esoteric concepts such as 'letting go' and 'non-duality' in a clear and accessible way.

~ P.I.

I really enjoyed the course, I think you have a very nice and relaxed way of giving all the necessary tools to be able to meditate without even trying.

~ L.R.

Your meditation course was very inspiring and helpful!! With your help, I am able to go very deep into meditation and enjoy it very much.

~ Y.U.

…a practice which effectively draws upon the essence of the benefits of 'advanced' techniques but delivered in an easily understandable and necessary simple way. I feel that this is the best teaching I have come across for addressing the inevitable first hurdle of any meditation which is for the mind to become less active.

~ M.R.

…able to reach a level of calmness during the meditation, which I did not experience before.

~ D.M.

Thank you very much for your course. I found it really interesting and helpful!

~ L.C.

I found it very valuable and precious…. So your course was a true relief for me ! It helped me letting go of all these negative and worrying thoughts and return to something much more simple and peaceful. It has been liberating and I think that I'm now "free" of this sort of dependency I had on TM.

~ C.Z.

Your course has really helped mein learning how to meditate, more so than any other classes, workshops or courses I've taken. The way you explain things, the manner in which the material is packaged and presented - it all resonates with me and has become a foundation around which I practice meditation.

~ M.G.

I found it very helpful - I learned to not be so hard on myself with extravagant expectations on the rewards of meditation. I found myself able to accept those thoughts that creep up and over which I seem to have little control. Accepting myself, made medication more acceptable

~ J.P.

I'm finding the 5th meditation especially beneficial. I appreciate the simplicity and intermittent silence to be a good gateway to just quiet sitting without using any prompt at all. I have been able to sit for an hour at a time in the morning and again in evening. I am practicing the being present while involved in daily activity as well.

~ C.M.

Love the course even got my husband to do it…

~ D.R.

Thanks for offering this course! I'm especially grateful that I can continue to have access to it because I continue to listen to it regularly. I use it to meditate, and also as an aid to falling asleep.

~ T.G.

I think your program is fantastic for beginners.

~ C.Z.

I enjoyed the course. It wasn't my first course in meditation, but I still got a lot out of it. I think the simplicity should appeal to beginners and advanced students both….You helped me understand that my wandering mind was not a sign of failure.

~ L.E.

Thanks so much for this wonderful course, Peter. It was very helpful.

~ T.D.

Peter, I am enjoying your meditation course very much. It's simple and easy to follow…

~ G.Y.

Your course was exactly what I was looking for.

~ V.D.

I enjoyed the course. It is always good to go back to basics, even after years of meditation.

~ M.L.

Peter, thank you for the 5 week meditation course. I had a great time doing it. Week 4 I think was the highlight for me when it all started to come together. I have been unemployed for the last 6 weeks and your course has helped me to get grounded and focused.

~ P.L.

Your course has been very helpful to me, especially the stripping away of unnecessary procedures/rules that make many of the other meditation methods overly complex.

~ R.T.

Thank you so very much for the Meditation Course! They are very helpful and valuable.

~ D.G.

The course that you have sent me was a wonderful experience, your caring and lovely voice creates a peaceful and magnificent ambience for a great spiritual adventure. I truly enjoyed it. Thank you for being such a great and helpful person and a wonderful spiritual coach.

~ A.A.

Really enjoyed the course - both what you say and how you say it are terrific.

~ P.B.

I would like to sincerely thank you for constructing the course and for making it available. I am also a Carer to my elderly father and your Meditation adds to my ability to remain grounded.

~ D.G.

Thanks!!! It is really very wonderful experience, now meditation has become part of my daily routine!!

~ Y.B.

This is an excellent course…

~ J.D.

Now I know the path and what I have to do is keep walking ;-) Thanks a lot.

~ J.P.

I found the course very clear and easy to understand. I tried to apply the lessons in daily life. When I was at my work I sometimes asked myself: Can I relax more? Or can I let go more? I think it helped me to be more relaxed and at ease.

~ A.H.

I really liked the course. Every week I was looking forward for the next lesson and I enjoyed meditating. The introductions were very helpful, too.

~ P.V.

I found it to be very worthwhile. I use it every morning, as a way to ease into the day. I'm also recommending it to friends. Thanks so much!

~ E.M.

Thank you Peter?I thoroughly enjoyed the course and have it with me for regular refreshers.

~ S.B.

Thank you, I really learned how to meditate…Before I only did guided meditations because i did not know how to do it on my own.

~ M.V.

I have thoroughly enjoyed the Meditation Course, I found your approach interesting and for me personally appears to have helped given the fact that I am a beginner.

~ D.B.

Thanks again for the course! It's definitely helped me a great deal. It goes pretty deep and is really helpful towards achieving deep mental relaxation.

~ J.D.

I have faithfully listened to the lessons each morning, and have come to feel them as part of my morning routine. They are lovely and hugely beneficial.

~ A.V.

I really like your course. You make it simple and that is what I was looking for. Every morning when I am in the train to go to work I listen to one of your meditations. In the evening I meditate on my own. During the day I regularly take a moment to pause and notice how I feel. More and more I feel I can bring peace of mind into daily life.

~ J.H.

Thank you. The course has been good for me, I need some guidance and companionship to meditate. I like your voice and I am keeping on using it.

~ R.O.

I have been listening to the lessons of your course at least twice daily and I have found them an invaluable guide and companion in my daily meditation. Each listening experience brings something new to my awareness….It would not be an exaggeration to say that all of this, coming at this particular time in my life, has significantly enriched my sense of life purpose and has placed me more firmly on the path of true understanding.

~ H.O.

This has been a very good experience for me....I like your "little-bit-of-theory - lotta-practice" approach...

~ M.P.

I found the information to be very valuable! Every bit of info that reduces the tendency to "try" to meditate is so helpful.

~ M.B.

This kind of meditations, without content, without guide, without sugar, are blissful. You have been a truly master, friend for me. Thank you with all my heart.

~ M.B.

I'm 55yrs old, and have been TRYING to meditate for some twenty years. Your course has given me a new light as to what meditation exactly means.

~ B.L.

Thanks Peter, I really love your meditations. Me and my neighbor Margaretha are practicing almost everyday.


This course was highly valuable for me and my family. Especially valuable I found the lesson four that helped me not only in meditation but also it helps in every day to cope with situations that I find challenging…

~ A.D.

I am very grateful for finding this course. It has been/will be of upmost help as this awakening continues. The understanding that I have to 'let in and let be' in order to let go is invaluable. Never heard it explained that way. This has changed my whole life. It works!!

~ K.M.

I liked the 'simplicity' of the process and the associated depth of meaning and impact that underlies it's approach.

~ C.M.

this course was very valuable and life changing to me.

~ S.G.

The course has been real good for my wife and me, I will recommend it to some "open" friends.

~ T.N.

I had enjoyed so much your meditation course. I find it simple and helpful the right Amount of knowledge to follow my own path. I’m meditating every day. THANKS!!!!

~ L.H.

The meditations were very relaxing. The ideas and concepts you propagate are very appealing to me, much more than those of TM.

~ T.D.

Your approach makes sense, and your guided meditations are good reminders I can refer back to in the future. Now I feel like I actually know how to meditate, rather than feeling like I had only read about it and tried it. Thanks again for helping me take that big next step.

~ C.W.

Thank you so much for this course! I have now been doing this meditation daily for 8 months and few days. What I appreciate most of all in this meditation is probably the effortlessness of it andthat it helpsme to learn to be the witnessing presence.

~ A.Z.

I found the course to be very helpful and have already recommended it to friends. Your approach is very refreshing in that it is very grounded and "real". I think meditation can affect us in very profound ways and does not require the "smoke & mirrors" that so often seem to be tied to it to "sell" it. So thank you for introducing me to it in a way that is simple and approachable yet maintained integrity!

~ M.D.

I find the course extremely helpful. I use it in my daily meditation practice.

~ K.L.

Thank you for the meditation course. I've found it really helpful. When I found or remembered the stillness at the heart of me, after many years in an ego-system, it was such an aha! experience, that such quiet bliss should have been there all along. But my experience since then (about 4 years ago) has been that efforts to still the chattering mind have been self-defeating...the more you try, the more anxiety/resistance you feel and the less it shuts up. Your talks and meditations have helped to ease this, in a warm and straightforward way, and I feel lighter! I am continuing to listen and am so grateful to you for sharing your wisdom.

~ R.L.

The meditation lessons went far beyond what I had hoped for. I feel blessed to have learned of you and my meditations continue deepening every day. I recommend you to all my friends at every opportunity. I continue cycling through your lessons daily and have downloaded them onto my computer.

~ S.L.

Thank you for the lovely experience thru your course. I'm a 'mantra' meditator for some 35 years. But your course was a refreshment for the daily practice. Especially how to deal with thoughts.

~ J.S.

I thought the course was amazing and I definitely will share the information….Thank you for making it so accessible…it is beautifully and simply done, very user friendly with brilliant instruction.

~ E.S.

Your course has brought new depths of stillness and quiet within, and new stability in relating to the world around. These are priceless gifts, and my gratitude for them is profound. Most of all perhaps I notice that the small knot of tension/anxiety which was always there in the pit of my stomach has now dissolved. I think this was associated with 'trying' or 'expectation' or just general anxiety! I had thought it was impossible for me to be free of that, but now it has gone. Altogether a most effective and life-changing approach to meditation which I shall certainly continue to use….I could write lots more, but that's probably enough to show how valuable this meditation is for me and how grateful I am to have received it.

~ J.B.

It is a great course. Instructions are clear and intuitive.

~ A.A.

These lessons have been very valuable for me….Your meditations helped me to become very, very calm . I do this now several times a day when I get drawn into "doing" to much.

~ M.J.

I loved it! I have been meditating for about 5 years and I believe that I am better at this now because there its no longer a need to get somewhere our achieve something in the meditation. I can be! That its enough.

~ C.K.

I found that I was progressively able to relax and begin, for the first time in about three years to actually ENJOY meditation - surely a positive development ? :-) Peter's exquisite timing and his beautiful voice and unassuming accent make the whole experience a real privilege to experience.

~ P.M.

i really enjoyed this course. i didn't feel like i had to do something at all.

~ T.T.

I am working on the third lesson right now and have found it to be very valuable for me….I started with TM and "tried and tried" for years with limited success; meditating most frequently caused a headache but I would soldier on. As the years passed I tried various methods, recordings, sessions with masters but still it was a struggle for me... Your lessons have made a huge difference. The tone and focus is so relaxed and comfortable that from the first time I used your recording, it was truly effortless for me. You have a very kind, peaceful and soothing delivery with no pressure or rules.

~ S.

Your lessons have really taught me that meditation is not about trying or expecting anything and to just let it happen.

~ R.C.

I really liked your meditation course. I could feel the "power of now". I've recommended your course to friends who are on this path.

~ M.S.

I felt your approach was very easy to understand and profound…I have recommended your course to many people!

~ S.G.

I just want to say thank you from the deep of my heart. Since I follow your course my approach to meditation has changed. I am working on no-effort and letting go-letting in and to me was a whole revelation trying to identify those thoughts related to meditation…. The clarity of what you say in the introductions has reached directly to my heart. Embracing everything that is happening in the presente moment has now a deep and different meaning to me.

~ C.R.

I want to thank you and tell you that I found lesson one to be wonderful….But just wanted to say thank and give you boatloads of gratitude. I'm recommending your course to everyone I know.

~ L.K.

It has been very helpful for me even when I find just little five minute periods throughout the day, I stop, I breath, I just notice my breathing, my skin, my hands etc. It is very calming and refreshing. Thank you very much.

~ M.B.

The course has certainly been helpful, and your voice a benevolent guide.

~ G.A.

I have enjoyed the course and continue to do so, very much…

~ M.C.

My wife…and I thoroughly enjoyed your simple yet profound instruction in meditation, and have utilized it almost daily.

~ J.S.

I very much enjoyed your lessons, and particularly the introduction to each lesson.

~ R.Z.

I found this course to be so helpful and I would really like to thank you for taking the time to do it and for making it so accessible.

~ L.W.

Thanks for the meditations. I found them to be really great, and a nice addition to my practice.

~ S.H.

First and foremost thank you. The on-line course as I experienced it is the recipe for peace of mind and a quiet heart.

~ M.K.

I tried out your 5-week meditation course and i loved it….I really felt that your guidance was excellent not to fall into a habit or a focused practice where there lays more tension behind it. Thank you very much for this excellent course that i will continue using.

~ N.U.

I have enjoyed your Meditation without trying course and found the practice very peaceful….Your practice…deals with all the problems meditators experience and teaches us just to accept what is in the present moment.

~ T.B.

This is probably the best meditation course I have taken. I have done several different ones, all along the lines of mindfulness meditation, but this is the best….the other mindfulness courses I have taken seem to keep me in my thoughts whereas this course really helps me step out of them. I think my biggest breakthrough was in the 3rd meditation, the Natural Mind, where you point out that just like sensations, thoughts arise without our doing anything.

~ J.R.

Your course is wonderful - has really helped me with meditation. I have recommended to people and will definitely continue to do so.

~ R.S.

I LOVED the course.

~ D.L.

I have enjoyed the course very much and it has really been of great value to me. The lessons makes it easy to meditate daily.

~ A.B.

Thank you so much; this course was extremely useful and good…

~ M.S.

I so appreciate your willingness to bring all of your experience into a course that is well presented, simple and void of superfluous information, thus reflecting the teachings themselves. I love it, I plan to use it more and more.

~ M.T.

I thoroughly enjoyed your meditation program. I found your meditations extremely useful. Your style and content were very effective for me.

~ D.M.

I have experienced a lot of stress and this final meditation brought peace and aquiet restful mind like no other. I have tried many audio meditations but none had produced the results that this one did. I will use it always , it is exactly what I have longed for in a meditation recording.

~ M.F.

The meditation course has been very helpful and I have passed on the information to several friends….Your course has allowed me to pause for a short time and quiet my mind. My intention is to keep up the practice every day.

~ J.W.

Thank you very much, Peter. It has been a renewing and deepening experience.

~ B.R.

Thank you Peter. The best meditation course I have experienced. I shall continue daily.

~ J.E.

I am very happy with the content of the meditation course, especially the 3rd lesson on the "natural state of the mind".

~ D.S.

I want to say thank you, for the great course, you don't know how much it meant to me.

~ T.L.

Just the right amount of guidance. Very happy with the course…

~ G.S.

I am just overflowing with gratitude for this course. Each lesson had something that spoke to a special need of mine...and I couldn't seem to get enough of the lesson on letting go.

~ M.R.

This course was absolutely amazing! It helped me transmute and transform so much stuck energy, so much energy I was afraid to just be with. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

~ R.H.

The course has been really good. I have thought about meditating for about 30 years and never got into it. Your course was very useful for me…

~ B.N.


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